Why should we bet with more than 1 online bookmaker?

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April 13, 2018
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To register with more than one online bookmaker is an obligatory requirement if you want to play and win in the long term. Sounds logical, but why?

The answer is simple –to always have the best odds for the match on which you will bet!

Online bookmaker gives you different odds for one and the same event!
Yes, and this is completely normal. Every online bookmaker has its own methodology for determining the odds, its sources of information, etc. Therefore, differences in the offered odds for one and the same event are perfectly normal. These differences may be minimal, but quite often are very large.

Let’s take a look at one such example – Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe, Valencia on 26/6/2011. The odds for Mark Webber to win the race:
Bwin – 8.5; Bet365 – 9.0; Blue Square – 10.0; Betfair – 11.5; Sportingbet – 13.00.

As you can see the differences are significant and it is worth doing a quick comparison before making a bet. In this way, by having registrations with several bookmakers, and by comparing their odds, it is much easier to find the highest. Basically, the higher the odds and the more non-standard the bet is, the greater the differences between the different odds of bookmakers.

Bookmakers ‘tempt’ you with low odds!
Quite often online bookmaker uses the old trick of big hypermarkets, which put something on a super low price so that customers could go to the store just for this promotion, and inevitably end up buying something on normal (or higher) price and this additional purchase makes up for the promotion. Bookmakers also make this kind of tricks by giving low odds for an event or making different promotions, which is nothing more than making you take advantage of the promotional offer. Unlike hypermarkets, in online betting everything is much easier, because in a matter of minutes we can review the odds of many bookmakers.

Bookmakers make mistakes!
Anyone who has at least some little experience in online betting knows that bookmakers often make mistakes with announced odds and when the error is in our favor, we are obliged to take advantage, and the profit from such an error is like finding money in the street. Of course, if you wait for a single online bookmaker to make a mistake, that may occur quite rarely, than if you have registered with more than just one online bookmaker.

In addition to getting the best odds, registering with more than one bookmaker gives you better choice in terms of betting sports and bet types. Furthermore, you can get much more information, watch live sporting events and use much more extras, than if you are registered with only one.

Why NOT bet with more than one bookmaker?
Many people worry that registering and betting with more than one bookmaker is related to more money, which of course is not true. Registration at any online gaming site is free and it is not bound by any deposit of funds, so even if you register at 100 betting sites this will not cost you a penny. Of course, if you want to make a bet with a certain bookmaker you will have to deposit money, but the minimum deposit amounts are really minimal and in any case will be less than the amount you will bet. Furthermore, depositing of funds through the most popular methods (credit or debit card, Moneybookers, Neteller, etc.) is done immediately and in most cases it is not charged with any taxes, so feel free to deposit funds with a bookmaker prior to making a bet.

How many online betting sites do I register with?
The answer to this question is not simple, but according to statistics if you use 4-5 online bookmaker services you will earn 10-12% more than if you bet with only 1-2. If you use 8-10 bookmakers you will earn up to 15-20% more. Of course, you do not have to register with a number of betting sites simply because of the number, but to really choose quality bookmakers that will offer better gaming conditions and higher odds. In my personal opinion you should register with least 5-6 bookmakers. And as regards exactly which ones to choose – all bookmakers presented make an excellent choice, so I have no doubt recommending them!

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