Wrestling Wonders and Whimsy: When WWE Missed Out on the Bischoff-tunity!

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February 18, 2021

Professional wrestling is a sport that loves a good urban legend. And among these tall tales, the ones surrounding WWE’s Principal Owner, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, are some of the most intriguing. One such legend that’s made its rounds on the internet is about the time Vince interviewed Eric Bischoff for a job at WWE. Little did they know, Bischoff would go on to become a major driving force behind WCW’s success during the Monday Night Wars.

It’s pretty incredible to think that the WWE missed out on such a golden opportunity, but the real kicker is that they actually made Bischoff the butt of their jokes. According to Bischoff himself, the WWE management asked him to interview a broom! Now, as a seasoned professional, Bischoff saw this as a sign of disrespect and took it as part of the motivation to take on the WWE with full force when they became his competition.

So there you have it folks, a classic case of WWE missing out on the Bischoff-tunity. But hey, all’s well that ends well, right? The Monday Night Wars made for some of the most exciting times in professional wrestling history and Eric Bischoff went on to make his mark in the industry. Who knows what could have happened if Vince had hired him on the spot? We’ll just have to imagine it was a classic case of “what if?” and enjoy the legends that have been spun from this fascinating piece of wrestling lore.

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