Top Soccer Bookmakers For Betting Rookies

The beauty about soccer is that somewhere right now there’s a soccer game being played and not only – you can also place a bet on that game, with your smartphone for example. It doesn’t matter where that match is being held, in Cambodia or in Hawaii, you could still bet on it. We will give you some general guidelines for betting on soccer and also give you list of best soccer sportsbooks out there.

For those who want to get straight to the action, below is our handpicked list of top soccer bookmakers. Updated in February 2020.

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Our guide to betting on soccer is meant for inexperienced sports bettors. We will also give you some tips how to spot profitable spots during matches and what bookies are best for soccer betting. Always remember to choose best soccer sportsbooks for your betting action – those with great promotional offers and also with quick (sometimes instant) withdrawals.

One of the first tips of online soccer betting is this: always make sure you to get your bet in with early prices, because early prices offer usually much better odds if you do your research properly. Same time don’t forget that when the soccer game finally starts, live betting markets stop accepting bets and in-play markets will open.

Tips for soccer betting rookies

First thing before placing a bet is to pick a site from the top soccer bookmakers. You can find one from our website – we have done our homework and through trial and error this is the list we came up with. What you need to do is find a sportsbook from our site, click on a link to join and then just fill the registration form and you are ready to go.

Top soccer bookmakers and their offers

So now you’ve registered your account with one of the best soccer sportsbooks and next thing you will find out is this – you have qualified for a bonus offers. You also might have known this beforehand, but 99.5% of top soccer bookmakers offer their fresh depositing new clients a sign-up bonus and it would be not very smart to refuse it.

Sign-up bonuses are different – some might offer hefty 1st deposit bonus with many zeros but with insane wagering requirements; same time other just offer you small amount free no risk bet. When you don’t have much money to spend, you might be tempted to pick the free bet, but it often means passing on a much more profitable sign-up bonus, that has same time lot more variation programmed into it, meaning you could lose more and of course – win more.