Sports Betting in Mississippi – Expected to Have a Positive Effect

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August 21, 2018
Mississippi Sports Betting - People in Mississippi love to gamble. Poster for the legendary movie 'The Missisppi Gambler' (1953)

Many believe that sports gambling had a very impressive day last Friday. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce did bring the director of the state’s gambling commission to Gulfport Friday. Allen Godfrey spoke to guess attending the legislative luncheon about the history of sports gambling in the state of Mississippi and how it started many years ago, reason being of course fantasy sports leagues.

Godfrey is sure that if it is all done correctly, sports gambling will have a very positive effect on the state’s affairs, on tourism and on business on general. “So that’s investment in property, that’s additional jobs. I think it’s going to drive revenue. How much revenue is dependent on the operators, it’s their job to promote it,” Godfrey said to journalists attending the event. “It will be beneficial to the state if the operators do what they think it will do. If it drives additional foot traffic, and that foot traffic spends money, ultimately ends up in taxes that come to the state of Mississippi.”

Godfrey’s visit happened to be on the same day the casinos Hollywood Casino, Boomtown and The Hard Rock finally opened their sportsbooks for the customers.

Many states are planning to legalize sports gambling – some are still making plans, others have already passed the law, one of them is Louisiana.

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