Proper Sports Betting Bankroll

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May 23, 2018
Proper Sports Betting Bankroll

Go back and look at what I said a proper Bankroll is. Forget it; you won’t know where to look. So I might as well tell you again because a guy like my friend and TOP-ONLINE-BOOKMAKERS.COM co-author, Fun Fact Monk, is already asking, “what’d he say?” I asked ‘what a Sports Betting Bankroll is!’ Well, my dear friend, bankroll is the amount of money you have…

available to wager. The amount of that sports betting bankroll is your own personal financial situation.

Now that you understand sports betting bankroll, let’s see if we can go to what a proper sports betting bankroll is.

You should have $5000 cash available to you at the beginning of your week and that ain’t gonna happen, so let’s pull back a little.

Obviously, the more you have the better. It allows you to break your sports betting bankroll into the number of games you wish to wager.

Then you break your daily allotment into the number of games you’ll bet on. I’ve already explained that.

a) You start with $3000.

b) You’re gonna bet games on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

c) That’s $1000 Saturday, $1500 Sunday, and $500 for the Monday night game.

d) The way you distribute your sports betting bankroll is your own decision and whatever amounts you set CANNOT be exceeded.

The more Bankroll, the more you allocate per game, and naturally the higher heeled player has less stress. So the word, “Proper Sports Betting Bankroll” always stresses biggest, but by no means do I say: “I demand you have 3 giant Bankroll!” I know most of you don’t.

But you’re aware by now that I am into Reality and most of you do not have the big amounts of money set aside for your sporting forays.

That is broken down into two comments I’d like to make:

1) You’re nuts to gamble without a Proper Sports Betting Bankroll!

2) You’re gonna do it anyway, regardless of what I say and regardless of your Sports Betting Bankroll.

OK, since I got that off my chest, let’s look at another sense of Reality. That’s number deuce a roomy baby most of you are gonna gamble anyway, even without the Proper Bankroll.

So my intention will be to tell you how to properly set up your week and still be aware of the thousands of you who are betting short.

Staying with football for right now, let’s take a couple of Bankrolls and give you examples.

1) $2000 Bankroll:

a) Saturday $500

b) Sunday $1000

c) Monday $500

2) $1000 Bankroll:

a) Saturday $300

b) Sunday $600

c) Monday $100

3) $600 Bankroll

a) Saturday $150

b) Sunday $400

c) Monday $50

I think you get the idea, but look back at 3c where I left you only $50 for Monday night. That’s because if you’re in a losing streak, you’re not mortgaging your house on that last game.

But most of all remember the method that allowed you to bet the amount you predetermined based on your Sports Betting Bankroll, plus one half of your profits of the previous day.

The key word is PLUS. That means if you win $150 on Sunday, you can bet the $50 you set aside plus 50% of your Sunday wins and now you have $125 for your Monday wager.

Proper Sports Betting Bankroll will be available to only a few people so I reach out to those of you with Short Bankrolls and hope you’ll adhere to the message coming up.

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