Online Sports Betting Theory – What Else Is There To Know

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June 2, 2018
Online Sports Betting Theory - Future of Sports Betting in the US. Source: Marketwatch

Online Sports Betting Theory is an opinion. Everybody has a Theory or an opinion about everything. You wanna start a conversation with someone while you’re sitting in a bar?
Start with, “hey gorgeous, what do you think of…?”

If she’s ugly, she’ll like the fact that you called her gorgeous and she’ll start giving you her opinion of the topic.

If she’s pretty, she’ll like the idea that you want her opinion and that you’re not thinking of her as some dumb broad and she’ll start spouting her views.

If she’s smart, she’ll punch you in the mouth for using such a stupid line … but that’s another story.

People love to give opinions on their Theories on how to handle any type of situation. Whether it’s different than other people’s Theories is not important. People’s opinions differ, their theories may differ, but who’s to say it is wrong, just because it is different.

Since we are talking about gambling right now, I have the right to give you my Theory as to how to bet on sports, because I am good at it.

Since you bought this book (or borrowed it because you’re too cheap to pay for your own) you must want my ideas.

Well, a lot of you veteran sports players won’t like it because I differ from a lot of the drivel that has been handed down for years.

For one thing, I hate the term Handicapper because I don’t believe there is a full, dyed in the wool, fabulous approach that can win every day.

Both handicapping and the term are overused and overrated. There are a lot of intangibles that enter into picking a team to win a game.

My theory will concentrate on Trends, Discipline, and Money Management. It will stray from the crap about vigorish being a big part of picking, and using tons of statistical gobbely gook that has broken more players over the years than a weak kneed husband has broken promises to his faithful wife. Both the handed down systems, in my opinion, and the weakling husband are laden with lies.

There’s an old saying: “you can never trust a thief or a liar.” A liar tells you things you WANT to hear. That’s why you will have trouble accepting my Theories because they are not what you WANT to hear, but rather a logical look at what you SHOULD do.

I know you want to win tons of money and I know you think there is a magical way of figuring out these games. There ain’t.

I’ve been filling your head with stories and analogies in an attempt to get you to grasp the REAL” of what you’re up against. It took me a long, long, long, long, long time to realize this and an even longer time to come up with ways to keep my head above water.

You’ve already bought the book (some of you who aren’t so cheap), so I could give you a lot of pie in the sky garbage to build up your hopes. That would be wrong. I want you to realize how tough it is to win.

That’s a good lead into my next chapter: LOGIC. Just remember this final note about Theory. It is the first part of the Little 3 and it is strictly my opinion on how to bet on sports. Think of my Theory as lousy tasting medicine. It’s tough to swallow, but darn good for you.

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