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Low Juice Bookmakers - Bookie doing bookie things Low Juice Bookmakers - Bookie doing bookie things

The term “Low Juice” has been around in the sportsbook business for years and it is an advertising technique to get sports bettors to sign up with their sportsbook. Unlike many advertising techniques this one is a very good one and good for the player. To take advantage of the low juice feature that now many books are using you first have to understand what low juice is.

Then you have to understand how it is good for a sports bettor and how to take advantage of it. This article will discuss what juice is and how low juice can assist a player in making more money in the long run. Next the article will cover the difference between constant low juice and one night promotions and where to look for the best sportsbooks that offer low juice.

Low juice is a simple concept and it basically is a sportsbook lowering the juice they charge per wager to attract business. It gets more customers for the sportsbook and save money to the consumer. Let’s back up and explain juice first. Juice is the charge that it costs to place a wager. The norm for the industry is 10%; therefore a sports bettor looking to win $100 on a wager will have to lay $110. This juice allows the sportsbook to make income on getting an even number of wagers on both sides of the game and collecting the 10% or the juice as an automatic profit.

The closer the sportsbook can get to even action the better the chance they get profit with less risk. In essence the sportsbook is cutting into profit by lowering the juice. Many sportsbooks feel that it is a risk they are willing to take in a competitive market since it will usually mean they will get more clients overall and raise their overall gains. When the industry witnessed several bookmakers leading the way by lowering juice others had to catch on and do the same.

After learning what the juice is, it is obvious to see how a player can save money by lowering its juice. Instead of paying 10% on every wager the sports bettor can pay 5% in some cases zero juice depending on the promotion. This frees more cash up for the sports bettor to invest on other wagers and allows for a higher return on the current investments. It may not seem like a lot but in the long run it can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The low juice sportsbooks seem to be everywhere so it is a matter of finding one that appeals to you on different levels. Use your normal research to find a sportsbook that you may like and then use the low juice has an advantage. Many sportsbooks will offer low juice for one night, like a “Friday no Juice NFL special” These promotions are great and they do save you money on your wagers but these type of sportsbooks do not offer low juice on a daily basis.

If as a sports bettor you are looking to take full advantage of the low juice then look for a sportsbook that offer low juice everyday. Keep in mind however that since they offer low juice it may mean that they have to cut back in other areas such as bonuses. Make sure to do your research on the sportsbooks before joining even if it is just for low juice.

Finally make sure that the sportsbook that you are joining is very reputable. Some of the more popular low juice books out there today are:

50% up to $1000
50% up to $300
100% up to $200
100% up to $500
100% up to 1 BTC
50% up to $250

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