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June 15, 2018
Horse race betting at Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes: waiting the results of a race. Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons

Horse race betting tips is all about being fun and challenging at the same time. Betting on horses is a gamble and if you don’t do it right, you might soon go broke. Horse racing enthusiasts new to the world of betting tend to go for the straight bets. They simply place a Win wager looking at the big names. These simplistic wagers, with little or no strategy involved will not get you those much talked about large wins. To make decent profits at the race tracks, you must learn to handicap.

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Handicapping is the art of predicting the winner in any horse race by taking into account various factors that affect the performance of the horse. Being an informed bettor at the race tracks gives you a huge advantage over the rest of the racing crowd. The idea is to read all the possible literature on horse racing and conduct research to gather all the significant information. Thankfully, we live in an era where the internet has become the main source of information which is available to us with just a click of the mouse. Here are some noteworthy factors to consider while placing your horse racing bets.

Horse Race Betting Tips – First Rule Is ‘Fitness’

Obviously, the horse’s fitness is the most important factor to consider when wagering at a horse race. The horse must be fighting fit to give its best performance at the race tracks. A combination of proper training and competition ensure the horse’s fitness for a race. You might be able to gather this information by researching the subject online.

Type of Competition

It is important to determine the quality of the competition the horse can take on. If the horse you have in mind hasn’t raced against similar competitors, it is unlikely to win. Checking out the horse’s prior race history will help with your decision.

The Horse’s Style of Running

During a race, the horses tend to run in a particular style. Some horses are ‘Front Runners’ – they always lead and usually never fall behind more than two lengths. A ‘Stalker’ is generally four lengths behind the leading horse. The third is the ‘Rally’ type horse which remains about five lengths behind the leading horse. Horses generally stick to either one of these three running styles. The bettor might want to consider this factor before taking a decision.

The Race Distance

Certain horses are bred to perform for certain racing distances. It is worthwhile to check previous statistics and data to find out how the horse has performed for the race you are planning to bet on.

Horse Trainer

The quality of the training that a horse has received plays an important role in its performance at the tracks. A good horse trainer brings out the best performance in the horse. Also important to note when we talk about horse race betting tips – check the horse trainer’s record before you decide to bet on the horse.

The Jockey

Just like the horse trainer, the jockey plays a crucial role in the horse’s racing performance. A great deal of skill is required to ride a race horse and a qualified jockey has the capability to lead the horse to a win. So, when a
bettor wants to place a bet on a particular horse, he must also consider the jockey riding it.

The Horse’s Form

When placing your bets, it is important to consider the horse’s form during the season. It is a good practice to check out the horse’s recent races and the consistency of its performance during the races he has participated in. This will allow you to judge whether the horse has indeed been performing well or not and help with your decision to place wagers.

Consistency in Performance

It is advisable to examine the life time performance record of the horse you want to bet on. If the horse has been performing reasonably well in at least half the races he has participated in, you can safely place your bets on him since he is consistent in his performance.

Track Conditions

The horse’s performance also depends on the condition of the racing track. Muddy and heavy tracks favor the quick starters – they usually take the lead early in the race are most likely to emerge the winner.

Horse Race Betting Tips – Taking Stock of Online Odds

Online race books project all the data on the racing contenders for a particular horse race. They also project the odds that give a fair picture of the most likely winners for the race. When you bet online, you get detailed information on which to base your betting strategy for the horse race you are interested in.

We have explained some of the points that horse bettors must consider before placing their wagers. Ideally, the bettor must study the records of the past performances so that he or she can make the right choice to maximize their horse race betting profits.

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