FIFA World Cup 2018 Betting Guide

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April 6, 2018
FIFA World Cup 2018 Betting Guide

We are all excited for World Cup 2018 and also excited for the insane amount of betting we are planning to do. FIFA World Cup 2018 betting is the biggest event for punters in 2018 and to be honest, it’s probably the biggest sporting event of past 4 years. If you just want to place a bet on World Cup games, just choose one from the handpicked best online bookmakers below.

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Everyone’s eyes are of course watching carefully their teams at the World Cup in Russia and 32 teams will be fighting each other and put on one of the greatest football shows ever seen. Yes, it has been extremely long past four years.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Betting, some tips
As you might already guess, FIFA World Cup 2018 Betting will be total goldmine for punters all over the world and also huge business for the bookmakers. You will find all sorts of bets from every online sportsbook out there. There will be odds for top goalscorers, yellow cards/injuries in a match, maybe outright odds and the list will be endless.

Because of crazy amount liquidity and money flowing in to betting markets during World Cup, there will also be many good betting opportunities that offer very low risk and high returns.

One of the best tips for Fifa World Cup 2018 betting I can give you is keeping an eye on Brazil and Germany. Germany, who was winner four years ago, will be favourite also this year along with Brazil. Germany’s team includes Mesut Ozil and Thomas Mueller – those two will be cornerstones of Germany’s team and key to their success in 2018.

Of course, Brazil has Neymar, but will it be enough versus Germany’s powerhouse? We think it will be not.

Like always there will be Golden Boot Betting
As you might already know, The Golden Boot will be awarded for the biggest goalscorer in the Cup. All major online sportsbooks are offering golden boot betting odds. Four years ago Golden Boot was given to James Rodriguez (Colombia) – scored 6 goals in five games. Favourites for 2018 will be Neymar and Messi. Don’t expect very goods odds though for these two, you probably will get better value when betting on an underdog there. Already Messi has been given Golden Boot odds of 5/1 – not very tasty if you ask me. Harry Kane from England has one of the best odds of 16/1.

Outright winner betting tips
Yes, yet again Germany is favourite to win the FIFA World Cup 2018. With Mueller and Ozil Germany is a tough nut to crack. Handicappers of course are very aware of that, offering outright betting odds 5/1. And especially now when they are placed in Group F, when no one has a chance.

Look at this line up – Sweden, South Korea, Mexico… William Hill and Paddy Power are leaning towards Brazil – odds 5/1. I say it’s a longshot. In this case – what in the bloody hell are those odds, Paddy?

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