European Online Bookmakers

If you are searching for reliable information on the best EU-friendly bookmakers for placing your bets, you have come to the right place! We have thoroughly researched and analyzed the relevant facts to provide you with everything you need to know about European bookmakers. On this page, we will present all of our findings to you.

Listed below are reputable online bookmakers that accept bettors from European countries. Ideally, this list employs geolocation to display only those bookmakers that are accessible in your country:


  • Friendly odds
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Promotions and bonuses with a generous offering
  • High Rollover Requirements
  • Limited Payment Options
Match 50% up to $1000 in Free Play


  • USA friendly
  • Crypto friendly
  • Smooth interface
  • Painless sign-up process
  • Country restrictions
  • No live streaming
Welcome bonus up to $500 + $10 casino chip


  • Cryptocurrency friendly
  • Rec-friendly sportsbook lines
  • Welcome bonuses are generous
  • No live streaming for sport
  • No mobile app
150% signup bonus up to $750


  • Anonymity
  • Lightning fast withdrawals
  • Slick user experience
  • Impressive live betting
  • Poker, Casino
  • Overround 4.97%
  • Not many bonuses
  • Sharp odds
SPORTS REBATE Up to 15% cashback


  • In business since 1994
  • Crypto friendly
  • Competitive odds and lines (rare!)
  • Huge bonuses
  • Live streaming options limited
  • Bonus conditions are strict
125% Up To $2500 Sign-Up Bonus


  • Honest reputation
  • US Friendly
  • Track record
  • High betting limits
  • Professionals welcome
  • User interface needs refreshing
  • Selection of casino games below average
  • Payouts sometimes slow
  • Sharpish lines
25% Up To $500 on 1st deposit, 10x rollover

Sports Betting in Europe

Europe is a leading hub for sports betting, being home to the largest market share of the online gambling industry worldwide. The practice of betting on sports dates back to ancient times, with early wagers placed on animal fights and gladiator battles. Today, a wide variety of sports attract punters who aim to outsmart bookies and win big. Among these, football stands out as one of the most popular and lucrative events in Europe, hosting some of the continent’s most prestigious tournaments and commanding substantial betting volumes.

As the betting market continues to expand, it is expected to maintain a steady growth rate of approximately 10% through 2025. However, it’s important to note that sports betting regulations are not uniformly applied across all EU countries. Member nations have the discretion to determine their own rules, which means that you should always verify the applicable gambling regulations in your area before placing any bets.

FAQ: European Bookmakers and Sports Betting

Is it legal to engage in sports betting within Europe?

Although there are varying regulations on sports betting across EU countries, the majority of them permit some type of online betting.

Which payment options are offered by betting sites in Europe?

Bookies in the EU have some of the most popular payment options for fast and safe transactions. This includes credit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Which sport is the most commonly wagered on at bookmakers in the EU?

Football (…soccer) garners the greatest interest among bettors in Europe, given that the region hosts some of the world’s most prominent and successful clubs.

Common Types of Sports for Online Betting in Europe

There is no shortage of exciting sports to wager on these days, but some choices are particularly commonplace among regular punters in Europe. These sports have achieved widespread popularity across the continent and attract the most wagers from bettors. Let’s explore the most commonly favored options for sports betting in Europe:

Basketball – Basketball is a highly favored sport among European bettors, who often place their bets on it. The game is fast-paced and exciting, with a high-scoring potential that adds to its entertainment value. Additionally, basketball provides intriguing betting markets with favorable odds.

Soccer – When it comes to football (…soccer?!), Europe is unrivaled worldwide, boasting the largest leagues and some of the world’s most outstanding clubs and national teams. It’s not surprising, therefore, that European punters are always on the lookout for opportunities to bet on their favorite football events.

Tennis – Tennis tournaments are immensely popular in Europe, with numerous events providing abundant betting opportunities for punters. Additionally, many of the sport’s legendary players hail from Europe, thereby attracting substantial betting volumes to this game.

Cycling – Cycling is a commonplace activity in Europe, and punters on this continent enjoy placing bets on this sport. Bicycle racing draws significant betting attention on numerous leading EU betting sites. With the advent of live streaming features, wagering on cycling has become even more enjoyable.

Handball – Handball is a high-speed sport that offers many scoring opportunities. It enjoys considerable popularity in Europe, with numerous top events that provide bettors with diverse wagering options. The exciting nature of the game also makes it particularly thrilling to place certain types of bets.

Horse Racing – Horse racing is an enthralling sport that captivates the interest of bettors throughout Europe. Some of the world’s most prestigious horse racing events are held in this region. Apart from its widespread betting appeal, the game also offers fantastic entertainment. It is no wonder that many Europeans flock to watch these events and place bets on the possible outcomes.