ESports Bookmakers are taking over – Sportsbooks are ready for new wave of bettors

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June 24, 2018
ESports Bookmakers - Online sportsbooks believe Fortnite betting expected to make waves in coming months

No doubt that betting on eSports betting has been a booming market lately and many traditional online bookmakers have started offering lines for different eSports games and odds for upcoming match-ups. Below is our hand-picked list of trustworthy top eSports bookmakers. This list is being updated constantly – last update in July, 2024.



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Before picking an eSports sportsbook for you betting activities, you should decide before what’s important to you, what’s your real goal. It’s obvious that eSports betting sites should have fast withdrawals, plenty of deposit options and these bookies should also offer good odds for their customers.

And there is also another aspect – although most bigger sportsbook offer eSports betting nowadays, not all of them might offer markets for all of the games you might want to bet on. This is usually not a problem if you decided to do your betting with some of the bigger eSports betting sites from our review list above.

Top eSports bookmakers offer bonuses for new bettors

Before opening an account you should also take into account different welcome bonus options that are available for you. Numerous eSports bookmakers like Intertops and BetOnline give their customers tasty bonuses and sometimes even free bets if you join them through our links.

All these welcome bonuses are usually in subject of a playthrough requirements (there are rare exceptions to this rule). Although eSports is not a traditional sport / market punters bet on, you can still bet your bonus money to eSports games and clear your bonus same you usually would betting on other sports like NFL games or baseball.

Comparing traditional bookmakers with eSports bookmakers

What we have seen last few years is there have been new bookmakers coming into markets that specialize in eSports betting. These sites have pros and cons if comparing with traditional sports betting sites. Yes, specialized eSports sportsbooks have often times more markets for punters to choose from / greater variety. Although as eSports has been evolving last couple of years, we have seen with last major DOTA tournaments major online bookies have done their coverage flawlessly.

Where traditional online bookmakers come ahead is definitely higher betting limits and also higher deposit and withdrawal limits. If you are one of these bettors who likes to occasionally make bigger bets, you should do your gambling only with major bookies to make you will always get paid full amount if needed, because smaller sportsbooks usually have withdrawal limits that are not very high. And again, there is variety clause – it’s good to have option to make some casual betting on other sports once in a while.

Different games at eSports betting sites

Although eSports has grown to be this massive industry with hundreds of different games where players are competing against each other, there are only few games that offer best liquidity and best odds for bettors – also meaning best options to make some good value bets for profit. What are these games? I think when we talk about current day, best eSports games to place bets on are Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients), Counter Strike and some would like to add StarCraft 2 to this list.

We are personally fans of old school first person shooters like Quake, but the reality is these games are not very popular and this also means not very liquid markets, which leads to not very favorable odds for the customer. We see Fortnite betting taking off in next few months, especially after Epic Games made Fortnite the biggest eSports out there adding 100 million dollars in prize money! So pick one from our list eSport betting sites and make your bet!

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