Top online bookmakers article section. Betting on sports involves an element of luck, same time it helps to have betting knowledge to guide you on your sports betting adventures. Sports betting articles on this page should be helpful to you, if you try to get your feet wet in sports betting or try online gambling in general.

Line Maker – Guide for Betting

April 22, 2019

As stated previously, I’ve been gambling since New York was a prairie and have had more ups and downs than a yo yo that’s been dangling for 30 years with an unbreakable rubber band. Every day I learn something new about gambling and listen attentively when in the company of people… who have also traveled my path [...]

Bet On Sports – Always Do Your Own Research

April 5, 2019

Betting on games with an online sportsbook can be quite profitable. If you are the sports type, and like a lot of action, you may want to look into placing bets with an online sportsbook. Of course this is not for everyone but if you think that you may… …be able to take advantage you might as well get started. One [...]

NBA Key Dates for 2019 Playoffs

April 3, 2019

Let’s have a look at noteworthy upcoming dates, key initiatives and season milestones for 2018-2019 National Basketball Association Playoffs. Who is Getting Into the Easter Conference Playoffs? April 10 – Regular Season will end, let’s get ready for Playoffs April 12 – At 3 p.m ET, Rosters are now set for [...]

Football Season is Totally Over

March 27, 2019

Now that football season has concluded with the Colts victory over the Bears in the Super Bowl, what is next for the wonderful world of betting? If you are like most people you wait all year long to bet on American football. It is one of the most exciting games in the world, and also gives you the chance to win money each and [...]

There Will Be Sports Betting In Rhode Island – Mobile Sports Bill Approved

March 26, 2019

This just in – Rhode Island gamblers will be soon able to place bets online and bet with mobile phones on sporting matches. Statement was made by General Assembly, saying Gina Raimondo (Democratic Governor) signed bill S 37 into law, which adds mobile sports betting to the state’s lottery-run operation. Currently there is [...]

Ranked vs Unranked College Basketball Favorite

November 27, 2018

College basketball is here and when betting college hoops over the years I have noticed several line spots over the years. First let me explain what a line spot is. A line spot is a line that looks to be too good to be true. Other handicappers call this a trap, or a stinky line, or even too good to be true line. I call it a line [...]

Low Juice Online Bookmakers – Reduced Juice Bookmakers

September 22, 2018

The term “Low Juice” has been around in the sportsbook business for years and it is an advertising technique to get sports bettors to sign up with their sportsbook. Unlike many advertising techniques this one is a very good one and good for the player. To take advantage of the low juice feature that now many books are using [...]

Online Sports Betting Gameplan

September 19, 2018

Do you make a game plan when approaching an online sportsbook? I bet you do not. The truth of the matter is most people don’t even think twice about it. They often will send money to a sports book because they want to hit a certain game, or gear up for a stretch of days when there will be a lot of action, much like the upcoming [...]

Betting Sites With Instant Withdrawal Times

September 3, 2018

UPDATED: Below you can find our list of betting sites with instant withdrawal… Well, all right, I apologize. If you are honestly looking for instant withdrawal sportsbook, just be notified – IT DOES NOT EXIST. But my list is the best you will get. Most sports bettors definitely agree that cashing out bigger amounts of [...]

Sports Betting in Mississippi – Expected to Have a Positive Effect

August 21, 2018

Many believe that sports gambling had a very impressive day last Friday. The Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce did bring the director of the state’s gambling commission to Gulfport Friday. Allen Godfrey spoke to guess attending the legislative luncheon about the history of sports gambling in the state of Mississippi [...]
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