California Online Bookmakers

If we talk about California online bookmakers, we have to start about talking current situation when it comes to gambling and California. This state is most known for its poker rooms and Native American casinos – state of California is filled with these. Residents have plenty of options to do some old-fashioned brick and mortar gambling, but when it comes to California online bookmakers / sportsbooks or just plain internet casinos, there isn’t much to talk about, because state does not offer much to their residents in that particular area, although there are no specific laws against online gaming.

When you look below, you can see our handpicked list of most reputable California online bookmakers. These are not licensed in California, but are properly licensed in their jurisdictions.

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No doubt that California is huge. Right now there is over 40 million residents and it is growing fast. And because of that fact, laws of California get lots of attention comparing to other states. This state has a very liberal stance on many laws, online gambling laws included. While there aren’t any particular legislation in place, reality is – residents can do their gambling freely at California bookmakers in many regulated but also unregulated gambling markets.

California Online Bookmakers and Sportsbooks in general

Are California online sportsbooks? While at the moment sports betting is not actually legal at any location in state of California, this is about to change some time in the near future. This is because United States Government struck down ancient federal ban on sports betting in May, after which many states started quickly working on preparing new legislation.

People familiar to the current situation with bookmakers have said that California will get legal bookmakers (sportsbooks) soon, but probably not sooner than two years. I guess we have to wait then.

Punters need to do their betting elsewhere

So now, sports wagering operators have to do their business elsewhere, because they are not permitted in California – any entity that takes betting action from clients is doing it illegally, so all parties risk their funds being confiscated by government officials.

When it comes to betting on sports online, there are no laws that prohibit citizens from placing bets on sports at offshore online bookmakers. No resident has been arrested and likely will not be in the future for sports wagering online. Many seasoned punters view online sports betting much safer option than finding a local bookie that’s working illegally.