Best Online Sports Betting Sites

Looking for the best online sports betting sites to place your winning sports bets? Here below you can find best online sports betting sites and recommended online sportsbooks. We have tested many online bookmakers and offer you detailed and honest reviews of the best sites out there.

Our list of best online sports betting sites that I have picked for you are well designed, unique and most of all – honest. I have chosen a bunch of sites which I think are worth doing business with. If you choose one of the recommended online sportsbooks through this site and if the sportsbook won’t pay you your winnings, I guarantee to pay you back your last deposit to the bookmakers from my own pocket (there’s an exception, if I found out that the player has cheated). That shows how much I trust these sites.

50% up to $1000
50% up to $300
100% up to $200
100% up to $500
100% up to 1 BTC
50% up to $250

I myself am into soccer (above average) and betting on baseball, so it didn’t take me long when I discovered soccer betting sites and started making bets once or twice in a week. I also enjoy baseball and basketball and betting on it, although my knowledge of the game ain’t the greatest but I’m improving my skills.

I have experiences with each of those on the list best online sports betting sites and I have withdrawn money and tested their support – everything has been in order. Although the road picking these recommended online sportsbooks hasn’t been the easier – there are still some “not so honest sportsbooks” out there, that are delaying payments. But that’s a different story and will be continued when I open my scam section soon.

If you ended up on this site, you were probably looking for best possible bookmakers to place a bet. And I have good news for you – you have down to the right place. Choosing a best online sports betting site / online sportsbook might be tedious task, but we have done this job for you. I will talk a little what to look for in a sports betting site. If you follow some of these guidelines, you will be absolutely fine betting on sports online.

Find out beforehand what you can bet on

If you are choosing a sportsbook, it is important to find a site that offers exactly the wagering market you need. It would be best / most convenient if you can do all your wagering in one spot, so there would be no back and forth jumping between different bookies. Best thing to do would be picking a site with a wide sports selection and then some extra. Just in case your betting horizons will be widen in the future and you don’t end up looking for new recommended online sportsbooks in few months.

Available live betting

Make sure your new sportsbook has live betting options. Live betting is one of the biggest trends lately in betting and there’s much liquidity for punter to profit from. Live betting means you can bet on games or matches that are currently underway, meaning you can while the game is still going on.

Convenient deposit and withdrawal options

Also you have to make sure you can quickly deposit and withdraw money from sportsbooks. Last few years we have been reviewing recommended online sportsbooks that support Bitcoin. Using cryptocurrency when making deposits and withdrawals keeps your transfer costs low and also means fastest payouts. If you are withdrawing with bitcoin from reputable online bookmakers, your withdrawals are often instant. This was unheard of only couple of years ago.