Best Anonymous Bitcoin Bookmakers with Instant Withdrawals in 2023

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February 28, 2023

UPDATED: It’s still possible to gamble online at no verification online betting sites and many Americans are using that option in 2024. We have been using bookies that have no ID check and they also do not want to know who you are.

Good news for those who value their privacy. By using cryptocurrency-based bookmakers, you can keep your identity hidden. This is a stark contrast to traditional payment processors that require personal information due to strict regulations surrounding cross-border financial transactions. So, if you’re looking to bet on sports while maintaining your anonymity, consider using cryptocurrency bookmakers.

Let’s start off the list with our current top pick for anonymous bitcoin bookmakers – Nitrobetting.


  • Anonymity
  • Lightning fast withdrawals
  • Slick user experience
  • Impressive live betting
  • Poker, Casino
  • Overround 4.97%
  • Not many bonuses
  • Sharp odds
SPORTS REBATE Up to 15% cashback

I use Nitrobetting if I need to make bigger bets than usual or when my friends ask me to place a bet for them. They have instant withdrawals – my funds hit my crypto wallet usually in 10-15 minutes after making a withdrawal.

Get ready for some smart betting with Nitrobetting. They boast some of the juiciest lines in the online sports betting world, and the best part? No more worries about having your bets limited because you’re on a winning streak. Thanks to the anonymity provided by cryptocurrency, you can bet to your heart’s content without any fear of repercussions. So gear up for the upcoming NBA season and join the betting frenzy with Nitrobetting.

In the event that you are unable to join Nitrobetting, we recommend checking out our list of Trusted Anonymous Bitcoin Bookmakers in 2024 below. Review

Crypto only
  • A blockchain-based casino platform
  • Targeted towards cryptocurrency users
  • Supports a variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Provably fair gameplay for transparency and trustworthiness
  • Mobile-first platform, optimized for gaming on the go
  • Unique and inviting user interface for a seamless experience
  • Lightning-fast withdrawals
  • The platform does not support fiat currencies
  • There is no live chat or phone support available
  • The learning curve is steep for non-crypto users
  • The platform provides minimal information about its unique game
  • The platform only offers one dice game
Crypto only: Rewards loyalty , Level-up rewards up to $5k


  • Friendly odds
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Promotions and bonuses with a generous offering
  • High Rollover Requirements
  • Limited Payment Options
Match 50% up to $1000 in Free Play


  • USA friendly
  • Crypto friendly
  • Smooth interface
  • Painless sign-up process
  • Country restrictions
  • No live streaming
Welcome bonus up to $500 + $10 casino chip


  • Good rep
  • Mobile app
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Live betting
  • Sharp lines
  • No phone support
Welcome bonus up to 5 BTC.


  • Cryptocurrency friendly
  • Rec-friendly sportsbook lines
  • Welcome bonuses are generous
  • No live streaming for sport
  • No mobile app
150% signup bonus up to $750


  • Anonymity
  • Lightning fast withdrawals
  • Slick user experience
  • Impressive live betting
  • Poker, Casino
  • Overround 4.97%
  • Not many bonuses
  • Sharp odds
SPORTS REBATE Up to 15% cashback


  • In business since 1994
  • Crypto friendly
  • Competitive odds and lines (rare!)
  • Huge bonuses
  • Live streaming options limited
  • Bonus conditions are strict
125% Up To $2500 Sign-Up Bonus


  • Honest reputation
  • US Friendly
  • Track record
  • High betting limits
  • Professionals welcome
  • User interface needs refreshing
  • Selection of casino games below average
  • Payouts sometimes slow
  • Sharpish lines
25% Up To $500 on 1st deposit, 10x rollover


  • High limits
  • Newbie friendly lines
  • Cryptocurrency preferred
  • Slot selection is awesome
  • USA restricted
  • Certain slot machines experience lag
Up To 33% lossback

Deposits and withdrawals using Bitcoin

As the use of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, Bitcoin has become a popular choice for online sports bettors. Widely accepted by Top Anonymous Bitcoin Bookmakers around the world, this cryptocurrency allows customers to place bets on a wide range of sports, including football, basketball, tennis, and horse racing.

The best Bitcoin Bookmakers prioritize customer experience by displaying BTC bets in dollars, protecting users from the price volatility that cryptocurrencies can experience. The process of depositing Bitcoin on a sportsbook is straightforward: customers must first purchase the cryptocurrency on an exchange like Coinbase or Kraken using a credit card. Once the Bitcoin is acquired, it can be transferred to the sportsbook’s crypto wallet address, with transactions typically taking only a few seconds to 20 minutes to appear on the bookie’s platform, and costing just a few cents in fees.

It’s important to keep in mind that Bitcoin trades to 12 decimal places, compared to traditional currencies that only trade to two decimal places. As a result, Bitcoin betting sites often convert cryptocurrency to dollars and may impose minimum and maximum deposit and wager amounts. However, the process remains quick, easy, and cost-effective.

Bookmakers that accept Bitcoin often offer generous deposit bonuses, occasionally up to 200%, and may give free bets to customers who use the cryptocurrency. As the use of Bitcoin in the online betting industry continues to increase, it’s likely that we will see more sportsbooks adopt this currency in the future. With its convenience, security, and popularity, it’s clear that Bitcoin is quickly becoming a preferred payment method for bettors placing wagers on their favorite sports.

Using cryptocurrency for betting offers a range of benefits

Cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the sports betting and gambling industries, offering several benefits over traditional currency. In this discussion, we will delve into some of the key advantages of using cryptocurrency for online sports betting.

  • Exclusion of banks – One of the biggest advantages of using cryptocurrency for sports betting is the exclusion of banks from the process. Traditional banks are often opposed to Anonymous Bitcoin Bookmakers and Casinos, and users have reported their accounts being frozen after using credit cards to deposit funds into online betting sites. However, with cryptocurrency, users can bypass banks altogether, eliminating the need to explain betting activity and the risk of account freezes.
  • Enchanced security – In addition to increased privacy, cryptocurrency offers enhanced security for online sports betting. Users are only required to provide wallet information, not personal details, reducing the risk of identity theft. Once a transaction is made, it is permanent and cannot be changed or cancelled, making cryptocurrency a more secure and less risky option.
  • Greater transaction speed – Cryptocurrency also offers greater transaction speed for sports betting, with blockchain technology providing faster processing times. Many Anonymous Bitcoin Sportsbooks have no limits on deposits or withdrawals, unlike traditional betting sites, and users can receive winnings almost instantly.
  • Better privacy – Betting on sports with cryptocurrency allows for greater privacy, keeping betting activity separate from banks and financial institutions that often disapprove of sports betting and online casinos. Additionally, cryptocurrency enables bettors from countries where sports betting is restricted to participate, provided they follow local laws and regulations.

Advantages of Anonymous Bitcoin Bookmakers for players

  • Achieving self-sufficiency in financial matters – If you fund your sports betting account using a bank transfer or debit/credit card, it can be easy for banks to associate your account with gambling activity. This can have adverse consequences if you plan on applying for a loan in the future, as your bank may consider your pastime as a risk and reject your application. Thankfully, anonymous bookmakers that accept digital currency can provide a solution. By using these sites, you can enjoy your hobby without worrying about any negative effects on loan applications, as the bank will have no knowledge of your betting activity. Responsible betting is still a must, even when using anonymous betting sites.
  • Fresh avenues for betting – Anonymous Bitcoin Bookmakers that accept fiat currency have a reputation for restricting or banning successful bettors, sometimes merely for displaying a moderate level of expertise. As a result, many knowledgeable gamblers struggle to find sports betting sites that will accept their bets. However, anonymous betting sites offer a solution by allowing bettors to start anew without any initial restrictions. Compared to fiat-accepting betting sites, they are generally slower to ban players. The increasing number of anonymous betting sites means there are now plenty of options available for those looking to open a new account.
  • Fast payment processing and increased payout and betting limits – Using traditional online sportsbooks to send and receive money can take several days or weeks, and there are often restrictions on the amount you can withdraw each week or month. But by betting anonymously with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you can receive payouts within hours or even minutes. Moreover, there are typically no limitations on how much you can deposit or withdraw at a time, though there may be restrictions on how much you can bet on a specific game or event.
  • You have the option to circumvent gambling restrictions – In countries where sports betting is illegal, using anonymous gambling sites is a viable option for those who wish to place bets online without any legal issues. These anonymous sites do not require personal information from players and accept multiple currencies, including popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. This allows individuals in restricted countries to participate in online sports betting without fear of legal repercussions. It’s important to note, however, that we do not advertise to players from the United Kingdom and suggest they use UK Gambling Commission-approved sites instead.

Anonymous Bitcoin Bookmakers FAQ

Are anonymous betting sites legal for gambling?

It’s important to note that the legality of gambling on anonymous betting sites varies by jurisdiction. While some countries strictly prohibit gambling in any form, most are more permissive. In fact, some states even have their own government-run monopolies on gambling. It’s crucial to research the laws and regulations in your specific location to ensure that you are engaging in legal and responsible online gambling practices.

Can withdrawals be processed instantly on anonymous bookmakers?

Top-tier anonymous sports betting platforms offer a quick and straightforward withdrawal process, with Bitcoin and Ethereum being the go-to methods. With these anonymous betting sites, there’s no need to endure the usual wait times that can last days or even weeks for you to claim your winnings. This feature alone makes anonymous betting platforms highly desirable for many players seeking fast and efficient transactions.

Is it possible for an anonymous sports betting site to request KYC (know your customer) documents?

While most anonymous sports betting sites claim to prioritize privacy, it’s important to note that they reserve the right to request relevant documents for security reasons. Therefore, there is no guarantee of 100% anonymity. Typically, Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are only initiated if a user is suspected of abusing promotions or engaging in money laundering activities. It’s best to maintain a low profile to avoid any potential complications.

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