Baseball Sports Betting for Beginners

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May 11, 2018
Baseball sports betting for beginners

We have written a short tutorial about Baseball Sports Betting for Beginners to get them started with growing their bankrolls. Let’s start with the basics. When we talk about Baseball Sports Betting for Beginners, we mean emphasizing the importance of pitching, factors of ball park, always keeping track of bullpen use and some other nuances as well.

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About Vig and Lines

The precise way how price to place a baseball bet is exactly calculated is quite different than in other sports played in America. Because baseball has no points spreads, bettors get their odds in moneyline odds. And this means odds can be very different at times. You will notice it quickly how much odds vary depending on if you are betting on the underdog or the favorite.

This is why newbie baseball bettors get often confused when doing their betting at online baseball bookmakers. If you want to be successful at betting on baseball, you have to understand odds at first. Knowing everything about strengths and weaknesses of players comes second. Yes, of course you can always not do your homework and use services of sports tipping service, but this always comes with a price. If you don’t want to rely on a tipping service, you have to take maximum from the information available to you.

Different types of baseball bets

There are several different betting opportunities available to you in addition to traditional totals and sides. Some of you might already know runlines bets that are attached along with point spread to moneyline odds – these give sports bettors a chance to play with different point spreads. And if you like more exotic bet types, then traditional parlays might be for you – for example futures and series bets.

In order to become profitable bettor, you should be able to take advantage of different odd types and lines. Big timers are comfortable making individual baseball sides bets and totals along props often during same match.

How to study pitcher performance

Always study and analyze your players. Reason for that is simple – pitchers have a larger impact on the baseball match than any other member of the team.

How do we find out strengths and weaknesses of our pitcher? Always dig out statistics and look for their win-loss records to get a feel how they are usually pitching. If you want your analysis to be top notch, make note of following factors:

  • Fielding Independent Pitching Expected Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP or xFIP)
  • Their home run rates
  • Their ground ball rates
  • Strikeout to walk percentages

Now if you consider all of these you will always have better idea what exactly is going to happen on the field.  Another thing to keep in mind from our Baseball Sports Betting for Beginners guide – remember that pitchers who are having success scoring plenty of ground balls and occasionally striking opponents out will perform better.

Lineup analysis

Rookie bettors often don’t check lineups before placing their bets. Very big and costly mistake. Especially considering the amount of information available to you pregame. Make sure that your team is out with big guns. This is very important on Sundays and Thursdays which are traditionally off days for some of the team members.

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