Banzai skydiving is a real thing

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May 3, 2018
Banzai skydiving is an intense sport that causes chills just by thinking about it.

Skydiving is a popular sport done by adrenaline junkies and adventurous people, but even this terrifies people to the bone. There’s another form of skydiving that not only will scare these adrenaline junkies but also poses a life threat if went wrong. Not many people have heard of this extreme sport, as it is attempted only by professionals assisted by a team. This intense sport is known as Banzai skydiving.

It requires 2 distinct actions. First, throw off the parachute, and second, jump after it. The aim of Banzai skydiving is to catch the parachute in just enough time so that the diver can make sure the harness is secured, pull the rip cord and land safely to the pre-planned landing spot. The throwing off of the parachute and the jump of the diver must be synchronized to ensure successful Banzai skydiving; failure of accomplishing this will result in the death of the diver.

The Guinness book of world record claims Banzai skydiving to be the most dangerous category. Yasuhiro Kubo has won a place in the Guinness world of records by waiting 50 seconds after jumping before regaining and deploying his parachute. With exceptional skills, he was able to retrieve the parachute and was able to glide down and hit the pre-planned landing spot.

Even though skydiving has a number of fatalities, however, Banzai skydiving, being the most dangerous of all, has no fatalities recorded.

Banzai skydiving is an intense sport that causes chills just by thinking about it. We have seen it in movies but is real life, only the brave, adrenaline-loving people might be able to perform this type of sport.

Finnish Banzai skydiving enthusiast Antti Pendikainen performing a flawless dive

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