Bahrain Bookmakers For Betting On Sports Online

Bahrain Bookmakers and Bettors love the annaul Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix Bahrain Bookmakers and Bettors love the annual Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix

It might come as a surprise but if you’re looking for those ‘Bahrain bookmakers’ to take part in online sports betting action, you can do it rather easily. Below is our list of handpicked list of trustworthy Bahrain-friendly online bookmakers. This page was last updated in February, 2020.

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Yes, there are some some blocks and some not so gambling-friendly laws. Bahrain law states that when penal code happens to be silent, what applies to it is Sharia. It is well known fact that Bahrain’s penal code does not allow public gambling. And for the eyes of law it does not matter if betting on sports is something that’s skill or luck-based. So even though this activity is something that is not covered by the penal code, betting on sports is still ‘haram’.

Bahrain Bookmakers – Yes, but not in Bahrain

What government has done is blocking access to some gambling related websites. Same time government does not chase gamblers who bet on sports. This has lead to a fact that online gambling and sports betting is quite popular in Bahrain. And even with web blocks – all you need to do to get access to online bookmakers is to install VPN and you’re all set and ready to go.

Because of the Bahrain Grand Prix taking place every year, lots of big internet bookmakers target Bahrain in their advertising campaigns. Bahrain Grand Prix attracts gamblers from all continents. Also, because of the fact that official Bahrain’s currency Bahraini dinar is pegged with American dollar, people of Bahrain do not face banking issues like other Arab countries face when movies funds around.

Bahrain Online Bookmakers and Betting on Football

It is no surprise that football (soccer) is the most popular sports in Bahrain – people love to bet on football matches. Most leagues that are televised by local channels (like beIN Sports and Al Jazeera Sport) are being biggest bookies that are targeting Arab betting markets. Biggest online sportsbooks are also covering Bahrain Premium League games.

And when betting on Arab football games, you can bet on lots more than just outright winners. Sports bettors can bet on traditional Asian handicap, correct score or draw no bet, do the first half betting, double chance and many, many more.

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