A Momentuous Day – Delaware Joins Nevada With Single-Game Wagering

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June 6, 2018
Delaware Sports Betting

This is certainly one for the history books – yesterday afternoon Delaware became the first state (after Nevada) that’s allowed to book a single book wager. After over 10 years of constant effort and pressure, sports betting in Delaware has finally become a reality.

Bumpy road to Delaware sports betting

And this is all barely three weeks after the United States Supreme Court had finally cleared the way for all the states to implement their own betting / wagering schemes. Sports betting will be opened in three Delaware’s elite casinos and they will be offering punters auto racing, basketball, soccer, football and of course professional baseball betting.

There was a failed sports betting experiement conducted in 1976 and in 1992 Delaware was (partially) exempted from the federal ban on betting on sports. But this was recently struck down by United States Supreme Court law machine.

Since yesterday, people of Delaware are finally able to make legal bets on the NBA games and especially the finals between Cleveland and Golden State. Not to mention NHL finals between Las Vegas and Washington teams.

Other states to follow

Soon, three other states are expected to follow Delaware’ foot steps when it comes to wagering on sports. It should matter of weeks for New Jersey. They are also going to allow sports betting at gambling establishments and horse racing tracks.

And then there is also Mississippi – there lawmakers legalized gambling proactively at Mississippi’s 28 casinos (all licensed) expecting a favorable decision by the United States Supreme Court. Looking back now, definitely a correct decision (and bold at the same time). It is believed that Mississippi’s casinos will open their sportsbooks or even some online bingo halls for USA players some time late in July.


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