The World Sauna Championships were an actual contest for endurance held in Finland, from 1999-2010

Homer Simpson in a Sauna Homer Simpson in a Sauna

As per BBC: The tournament originated from unofficial sauna-sitting competitions Heinola. The competition grew to feature contestants from over 20 countries.

But it wasn’t all fun and games – all competitors competed at their own risk and had to sign a waiver. It all came to a stop after the death of one finalist and near-death of another during the 2010 championship, after which the organizers sadly discontinued the event.

Indeed, it was a really weird fact that the Sauna Championship even existed. If you didn’t know already, sauna bathing in extreme conditions is a huge health risk so all sauna warriors took part in the championship event at their own risk, and had to sign a complicated legal paper agreeing not to take legal action against the organizers.

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