Top online bookmakers article section. Betting on sports involves an element of luck, same time it helps to have betting knowledge to guide you on your sports betting adventures. Sports betting articles on this page should be helpful to you, if you try to get your feet wet in sports betting or try online gambling in general.

Baseball Sports Betting for Beginners

May 11, 2018

We have written a short tutorial about Baseball Sports Betting for Beginners to get them started with growing their bankrolls. Let’s start with the basics. When we talk about Baseball Sports Betting for Beginners, we mean emphasizing the importance of pitching, factors of ball park, always keeping track of bullpen use and some [...]

Sports betting mistakes for beginners

May 9, 2018

Betting on sports is not an easy task. Yes, it seems simple. After all, all you do is guess the correct outcome. But as logic says, if it really would be that easy, every bookmaker in the world out of money by now. But still there are some players who have found success betting on sports. We are looking at 9 sports betting [...]

Online Betting From Dubai

May 7, 2018

Online betting from Dubai – is it legal? Is it possible? UAE is a strange country. One of the richest countries in the world, it’s citizens are not allowed to do much. There is no boozing, no watching porn from the internet and also no gambling. In fact, gambling is illegal in UEA. This means anyone who engages in online [...]

Kentucky Derby – who will win the race this year?

May 4, 2018

No doubt that Kentucky Derby is the most difficult race of the year to handicap. Numerous factors are coming into play on the day of the Kentucky Derby which were not there day before. Young horses are often full of surprises. And how can they not be. They will be performing in front of howling crowd of more than one hundred [...]

Betting on the Baseball World Series for newbies

May 4, 2018

So you want to know how betting on the baseball world series works? MLB is all-american sports that we all are familiar with, but when it comes to nuances, we quickly find out how little we know about baseball. Today I’m going to give you some advice on how to bet on baseball games. We will go over rules of baseball and also [...]

Pinnacle Has Had Enough – No Longer Applying for UK Gambling License

May 3, 2018

Online sports betting giant Pinnacle has withdrawn its application to the UK Gambling Commission, after trying to get licensed for nearly three years. Pinnacle released public statement, where company said, that they made a decision to to quit because “it is not the right time”, adding: “We appreciate that this will [...]

Connecticut Tribes and State Officials Not Finding Consensus

May 3, 2018

Things are heating up in Connecticut. Tribes and state officials disagree on sports betting bill, that was introduced by state lawmakers. Because bill excluded sports betting from Connecticut’s gambling provisions. Excluding betting from state’s provisions means getting around the tribal compacts. As written in the [...]

Betonline and no longer servicing Australia

May 3, 2018

This just in – due to a review of the Interactive Gambling Amendment Act in Australia, Betonline and Sportsbetting are no longer servicing clients from this region. This has been put in use, policy decision is effective immediately. Sites belong to Chico Poker Network, that is also closed for Australians. This was expected [...]

Banzai skydiving is a real thing

May 3, 2018

Skydiving is a popular sport done by adrenaline junkies and adventurous people, but even this terrifies people to the bone. There’s another form of skydiving that not only will scare these adrenaline junkies but also poses a life threat if went wrong. Not many people have heard of this extreme sport, as it is attempted only by [...]
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