Best Offshore Bookmakers for Americans

Best Offshore Bookmakers for Americans Best Offshore Bookmakers for Americans

Since 2018 there’s no more federal ban on betting on sports. As you might already know, new legislation made all forms of betting totally legal (it includes betting on sports in interwebs!). This all means that American citizens can bet on sports from their homes instead of going to casinos where their local sportsbooks are.

What is ‘Offshore Sports Betting’ anyway?

If someone is talking about offshore sports betting, they are usually talking about online bookmaking sites that prefer not to process their payments in the States. Offshore betting sites are usually registered somewhere in the Caribbeans where they are holding some kind of a license from a local government or regulatory authority.

Getting a sports betting license in the Caribbean is not as easy as one might think – if one wants to become a licensed sports betting provider, a bookie needs to fulfill numerous requirements, which are focused on ensuring fair play, as well as the security of funds and of course players.

There are hundreds of offshore bookmakers out there in the wild. This means it is really difficult to choose the right one for you. We have decided to offer you help by listing these trustworthy offshore sportsbooks below:

50% up to $1000
50% up to $300
100% up to $500
100% up to 1 BTC

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